40. Weekly Park – TPS


‘They cross over to the park and sit on the swings for a while, not talking. In the park where they used to hang out on Sundays with Jacinta and Anabel and Lucia and Abe and their kids. Georgie was the picnic instigator… In summer they’d stay there until the sun came down. Tom and Dominic could kick a ball around for hours and not get bored.’ – pg 120

Funny story about Weekley Park. Well, two actually, and both can be linked to our experience with Katia’s house from the LFA Movie. Click here to read that story.

1) Much like when we were trying to find Katia’s house, we did a lot of investigating to find Weekley Park. Google maps was utilised many a time, cross-checked with street names in TPS and then more closely followed up using Google maps street view. Eventually, we narrowed it down to Weekley Park and were able to confirm it when we rewatched the video previously posted! We were so proud that we had found it and even considered whether or not to post a photo including the name as Melina specifically said that she didn’t include it in the book due to the ‘no ball games’ sign. Then, after watching the video some several months later, we realised that it actually shows the name of Weekley Park in the video, so share it we will!

2) Despite our hectic visiting-locations schedule, we had planned on having a picnic and some quiet reading time at Weekley Park. However, our efforts were thwarted when we went to visit Katia’s house first. Due to the hysterically crying woman, we got stuck sitting outside Katia’s house for some time before we could get a photo. While we were waiting, we got hungry and ate our lunch… so unfortunately, no picnic for us.

– Annette




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