36. The Union – TPS

36. The Union - TPS

‘… Once or twice a week they cross each other’s path at the Union, one of those incestuous inner-west pubs where everyone ends up drinking or working.’ – pg 5

So this is it. The Union. Major location frequented by… well, everyone really – in TPS. We HAD to have dinner there. There’s no possible way it WASN’T going to happen.

This was our prior-to-driving-around-and-getting-lost-then-watching-BAIT 3D dinner. As you can imagine, we were pretty excited. Unfortunately, we ended up quite disappointed. The food wasn’t that great and despite frequent checks of the open-view-style kitchen, Tom wasn’t anywhere to be seen…

No, but really, the atmosphere and size of the pub wasn’t at all what you get a taste of from reading The Piper’s Son, which led us to conclude that Melina simply took the name of this pub and is talking about another place entirely. But whatever,  I checked us in there on Facebook and had anyone except myself and Annette understood the reference, they would’ve DIED of jealousy.

– Rachel


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