35. The Buzzzbar Cafe – TPS


‘And he couldn’t let go. Not when they were sitting at the Buzz Bar in Newtown having a hot chocolate , and his hands were playing with hers and she was letting them play…’ – pg 5

After having no luck finding Harley’s cafe from Looking For Alibrandi, we were delighted to find that the Buzzzbar Cafe was a functioning and thriving business. So we headed on over for a hot chocolate, just like Tom and Tara (but, you know, not in love). And it was DELICIOUS. There was a ripple in the atmosphere when a young backpacker started strangely snooping around our table. Eventually, we realised he was looking for a powerpoint to plug in his laptop. This seemed quite normal, so Rachel (who had her back to most of the cafe, as you can see from the photo above) was somewhat confused when I started silently, but hysterically, laughing. The backpacker sat down with his laptop, near the powerpoint, probably about to skype his family or something important, when the lady he was sitting opposite (you can see her in the background of the picture) asked him, not very politely, to move as she did not want to look at him while she was consuming her food and/or beverage. I would like to point out that my laughter was not aimed at the backpacker, but at the lady. I was absolutely baffled by her apparent lack of social skills and complete and utter rudeness. Seriously, people like that actually exist. And sometimes all you can do is laugh.

– Annette



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