The Piper’s Son – Our Thoughts


There are a lot of books that I like, and there are a fair few that I love, and then there is a small, select pile of books that I absolutely adore with all of my being and if I never had the opportunity to read them again, then life would not be worth living and I would welcome my untimely death. The Piper’s Son falls into this category.

TPS was the first Melina Marchetta book that I actively sought to buy on it’s release. I had only become familiar with her other novels a short time beforehand so this was the first opportunity I had. I remember fangirl squealing with excitement in Borders (back when they were a thing) and then having a conversation with the checkout lady about the brilliance that is Melina Marchetta. I was not, nor have I ever been, disappointed with this purchase.

The Piper’s Son is my second favourite MM book. So much so that it is almost, ALMOST, tied with OTJR. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. There isn’t much more I can say because I will just end up blabbering on about how I want to be friends with the characters and I want to pack up my life and live in Sydney’s inner west. If you haven’t read it, then go forth and purchase! Take the day off work and treat yourself. You won’t regret it.


So The Piper’s Son often battles with On The Jellicoe Road for the position of my favourite Marchetta book. Most of the time, it’s OTJR, but sometimes, when I’m reading quotes or I’ve recently reread TPS, I just can’t figure out which one I love more.

Confession time. I didn’t know Melina had released another book and it was really completely by accident that I even found out. I was browsing in Dymocks in my local shopping centre and I saw TPS on the shelf. After nearly passing out from excitement, I bought it, drove home and instantly started reading it. I finished it in one sitting and then spent the next two months or so rereading it, posting quotes as my Facebook status’ and just generally blabbing on about it to anyone lucky enough to be in my immediate vicinity. It was so exciting to be able to add another book to my small, select list of  ‘absolute favourites.’

Now, I often wonder why Jonah Griggs seems to be the most loved Marchetta man. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing and I love his work but for me, he probably sits in third place. Jacob Coote comes in second. And my first? Thomas Mackee. I am most definitely a Thomas Mackee girl. Through and through. I love his musical ability. I love that he’s a complete and utter smart-arse. I love how much he loves his sister. I love his relationship with the girls. I love his emails. I just love him. And that, I suppose is why I love TPS so much. Because of it’s fantastically flawed, yet still so lovable protagonist.


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