32. The Court House Hotel – OTJR

32. The Court House Hotel - OTJR

‘”Do you know where Oxford Street is?” he asks after a moment.
I look at Griggs and he nods.
“Meet me there tonight at about ten-thirty. At the lights outside the Court House Hotel.'” – pg 234

I have never been a fan of parallel parking, nor have I been very good at it.  But alas, Sydney made me learn.  The Courthouse Hotel was one of the last locations that we visited, so by this stage I was pretty good at it. Which is lucky, because the roads around the Courthouse Hotel were pretty busy.  So you can imagine my frustration when I line myself up, indicate and wait for the opportune moment to start reversing.  All is well until the car behind me got impatient, decided to go around me, realised it couldn’t fit without hurtling into oncoming traffic  and decided to toot me.  Seriously?


I may have over reacted slightly to this somewhat standard display of driving idiocy, but I was tired and annoyed that my show of impressive skills was being ruined.  Anyways, we got the photo and all was right in the universe once again.

– Annette


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