Rachel’s Tattoo

Rachel's Tattoo

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include a post about my tattoo on here because I actually didn’t get these lyrics tattooed on me because they were included in OTJR… But I love this tattoo and I love showing it off so I decided to anyway.

So this is my fourth tattoo I got in May and July of 2012. It’s the biggest one I have and probably my favourite, as it was the first one I got that has a special meaning to me behind it.

Two distinct ideas for two separate tattoos had been floating around in my head for a while before I decided I definitely wanted to get them: a bird (my second tattoo) and Flame Trees lyrics. So even though it ended up being my fourth tattoo, it was one of two that I’d wanted the longest. And for a long time, I only wanted the lyrics. It was when I went to actually book it in with the tattooist that the tiny bit of creativity I possess unleashed itself in my brain and I came up with the idea to include a flame tree in the tattoo so it linked in with the name of the song.

Flame Trees by Cold Chisel is one of my all-time favourite songs. It was written by organist Don Walker, who has said the inspiration for the lyrics came from his memories of his childhood growing up in Grafton, NSW.

To me, ‘Do you remember, nothing stopped us on the field in our day’ has always meant ‘nothing held them back’ – from doing what they wanted and being who they wanted to be. I don’t know why I like that concept so much, but if I had to self-analyse, I think it stems from a longing I have to be more fearless. I struggle a lot with stepping out of my comfort zone. So I guess you could say having these lyrics tattooed on me was like getting a permanent reminder that I need to try more. Really try, even with little things. I want to get better at taking chances and putting myself out there.

Anyway, when I saw the lyrics quoted in On The Jellicoe Road the first time I read it, I can’t describe how happy it made me. I love feeling connected with my favourite characters and I like to think that Webb and Taylor identify with the lyrics in the same way I do.

– Rachel


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