30. The Time Zone Across From McDonald’s – OTJR

30. The Timezone Across From McDonalds - OTJR

‘We go to a Time Zone… I ask the guy at the register if he knows Simon and he shrugs and carries on reading his magazine…

“If he comes in, can you tell him that Taylor Markham is looking for him? That I’ll be at McDonald’s across the road at six-thirty tonight”‘ – pg 225

So I can’t actually remember whether we found the Time Zone and McDonald’s via internet research or whether we accidentally stumbled across them. And I’ll be honest, it’s driving me INSANE. As it turns out, they’re located diagonally opposite each other on George Street, with Time Zone being right beside Event Cinemas, which is I think how we found it in the end… Maybe. Anyway, I do remember WHEN we visited them. T’was a memorable night. An epic night. A night that we drove around the CBD looking for a park for quite literally an hour and a half. A night we voluntarily watched a movie that included Lincoln Lewis as a cast member. Yep, you guessed it… It was the night Annette told you all about in the previous post! After we managed to stop laughing and actually left the cinema, it was quite late, but Time Zone was still open. I would’ve gone in and played that one game I like, (where you get to bash the crocodiles with a mallet) but we were tired, so instead I scooted outside and quickly took a photo of the McDonald’s. Then we sped back to the bat-cave in the bat-mobile.

– Rachel


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