29. Kings Cross – OTJR

‘It’s the longest day of my life. The lack of familiarity gets worse. The main drag of Kings Cross gives me snippets of memory, but not enough.’ – pg 224

Ok. By looking at the quality of the previous photos we’ve posted, I know it’s not believable that I took this photo. I mean, seriously, I’m a pretty bad photographer. The photo I took is horrendous so we decided, just this once, that we would steal one from the internet.

As we’ve all learnt from watching Underbelly, Kings Cross used to be quite the seedy area. These days, and in the daytime especially, it’s not that bad. After parking, we strolled up and down the main drag, but really only stayed long enough to take my substandard photo and then we got the hell out of Dodge.

– Rachel


4 thoughts on “29. Kings Cross – OTJR

  1. Ladies, this is so awesome! It really puts things in perspective when you really see the fictional world of these novels in our own world! Loving your work!

    I recall one of your posts mentioning you couldn’t find the Oporto’s from the Looking for Alibrandi Movie. That Oporto’s is next to Newtown Train Station, in Sydney πŸ˜‰

    I had lunch there one day and did a little jump of excitement when I realised where I was!

    • thesideofwonder says:

      Hey, thank you! I am re-reading The Piper’s Son and it’s so weird now (in a good way) because whenever a place is mentioned I’m like ‘Oooh, I’ve been there!’

      That’s awesome about the Oporto’s, thanks for the info! We looked for ages and couldn’t find the right one. We will be going on another Sydney road-trip soon so we will be able to check it out. I take it you’re from Sydney?
      – Annette

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