27. The Coca-Cola Billboard – OTJR

27. The Coca-Cola Billboard - OTJR

‘All I remember about the Sydney of my past is the last place we lived in near the Cross. At one stage we’re on a road with four lanes of traffic on each side, in the middle of morning peak-hour traffic. I see a Coca-Cola sign in the distance and I’m amazed at what comes flooding back.

‘We lived somewhere around here, to the left. Once we lived just behind that sign.‘ – pg 220

Annnnnnnd this is our other photo! Taken two days before, when we decided to venture into the CBD to see a movie at the Event cinema on George street. We wanted to visit the Coca-Cola sign before seeing the movie so we headed in quite early to allow time for our usual navigation and parking problems.

We were driving up William Street towards the sign, having already gone around in a circle after our first wrong turn of the night, when Annette saw an empty spot coming up on the right. Naturally, we took it even though I don’t think it was a place we were actually allowed to park as it appeared we weren’t that far from it at that point, we really only had to walk a bit further up and let the zoom on my camera eat up the rest of the distance for us.

So we stopped and I jumped out to get the photo, as it really only required one of us and Annette was using TomTom to find out how to get to George street. However, I soon discovered it was going to be problematic as some tree branches were blocking my camera. So I crossed the road to see if I could get a better shot from the other side. Still no dice. THEN all of a sudden, it was like I was back in Paris, walking the Champs-Élysées, trying to get a photo of the Arc de Triomphe and I waited until the lights went red and it was safe to cross and I ran out, stood in the middle of the road, took a few photos and ran back to the car, killing myself laughing because I was trying so very hard to get a decent photo of a fracking Coke sign. I laughed even harder when I looked at the photo and realised those same tree branches were still in the photo.

– Rachel


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