25. Yass Train Station – OTJR

25. Yass Train Station - OTJR

‘That’s when I first saw the cadet, on the platform of the Jellicoe Station.

“Do you know when the next train to Yass is coming?” I had asked.‘ – pg 39

As we’ve previously mentioned, we did the trip to Sydney over two days. Yass was our overnight stop. After checking into Yass Motel upon our arrival, we headed out to visit our very first location, which also happens to be the first location mentioned in OTJR!

Well, sort of. Although Taylor and Jonah do get on a train to Yass, they never actually reach the station as the train eventually derails and they end up walking the rest of the way. But semantics aside, we decided it had to be included.

So, as it turns out, the train station of a country town at 5:30pm on a Saturday afternoon is a very happening place.

Well. Not really. There was absolutely no one there at at all. Which was good, it’s better when people aren’t looking at you weirdly for taking photos at a train station. Plus after we took these 2 photos, I made Annette take one of me on the train tracks, (because that’s just how I get my thrills), which I believe I would not have been permitted to do otherwise.

– Rachel


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