24. Hyde Park – SF

24. Hyde Park - SF

‘At midnight, we take turns running around Hyde Park sobering Siobhan up.’ – pg 136

So it doesn’t look like we’re running… but we’re running. We couldn’t go to Hyde Park and not run around, even if it was only for about 3 seconds, even if we weren’t drunk and even if you can’t tell in this photo… it happened OK?!

For me, Hyde Park marks my favourite part of the trip. We visited it at night (obviously) and the weather was perfect; mild but not cold. We had a lot of fun, took a lot of photos, (and had some random people offer to a take photo of Rachel in a compromising position – more on that later) explored the surroundings and got to see an art display that was on. I have always loved the scene in Saving Francesca where they take Siobhan to Hyde Park to try to sober her up after the party, and now I love it even more. The setting is perfect. It’s in the middle of the CBD, but it doesn’t feel like it. There is a really nice balance of it being sort of secluded and relaxing, but not creepy because there is a buzz of activity. I would recommend visiting Hyde Park if you are ever in Sydney, and you should definitely go at night, it will add something extra to the whole experience.
– Annette


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