The Anzac Bridge

The Anzac bridge

As our locations list took us all over the inner suburbs of Sydney as well as into the CBD itself, we drove over the Anzac bridge many times. And I’m not sure why, but I felt the need to photograph it nearly every single time. So we have photos of the Anzac bridge at all different times of the day in all kinds of different weather. I’m calling it the Anzac bridge diaries. This is photo 3.


2 thoughts on “The Anzac Bridge

  1. There is something evocative about bridges and as I drive over the Anzac many times I love the fact that it’s being celebrated in it’s different ‘moods’ … great shot! Taylor 🙂

    • thesideofwonder says:

      Imagine if you took a photo every time you drove over it?! You would have thousands. It became a funny joke for us, but it is nice to look back on it and see all the different ‘moods’ as you said
      – Annette

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