21. Cafe Bones – SF

21. Cafe Bones - Spinelli family time - SF

‘…Pinocchio loves having his puppacinos at Cafe Bones over in Leichhardt every Saturday morning…’ – pg 36

Just for something new and different for us, Cafe Bones was a struggle to get to. Although, unlike other locations, this was less to do with the parking factor (there actually WAS adequate parking) and more to do with the fact that Cafe Bones is located along a walking track. TomTom did not like this. Nevertheless, we weren’t giving up that easy (let’s face it, if we did that with the locations that we found difficult to find, then we really wouldn’t have seen anything at all) so we roamed around for ages until we eventually found it. Luckily for us, it was a beautiful day, so we bought an ice chocolate to share and watched all the dogs playing and interacting with each other. They were uber cute and a cafe for dogs is such an awesome idea.
– Annette


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