20. The Manly Ferry…. Again – SF

20. The Manly ferry…. again – Frankie’s Year Seven school excursion – SF

‘”Once in Year Seven on an excursion to Manly, we were on the ferry coming back and next minute she’s on the bow of the boat screaming out, “I’m the Queen of the World…”‘ – pg 28

Saving Francesca takes us back to the famous ‘Day of The Lost Ticket’ on the Manly ferry. This day proved to be one of the more hilarious days, so it shouldn’t be a shock that we have another amusing story to tell.

It is probably good to point out that, while neither of us are overly self conscious, we aren’t in the business of putting ourselves into embarrassing situations if we can avoid it. Clearly on this day, it was unavoidable. We couldn’t possibly ride the ferry without doing the ‘I’m the Queen of the world’ moment. So while everyone was disembarking, we made ourselves look like Titanic loving tourists so we could get these brilliantly composed photos. Unluckily for me, Rachel a) is the slowest phototographer in the world and b) apparently lost the ability to use her camera at this precise moment. Rachel made me pose 3 times to get this photo. Three times! She maintains that the camera wasn’t working. I am of the belief that it was part of an elaborate plan to make me embarrassed, thus becoming clumsy whilst disembarking the ferry, causing me to place my ticket in my bag, instead of in my wallet, resulting in the aforementioned lost ticket and having to purchase a new one. Well done Rachel, well done.

– Annette


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