19. The University Of Technology – SF

19. The University of Technology - Mia Spinelli's place of work - SF

‘My mother is a different story. She’s a Communications lecturer at UTS and her students think she’s the coolest thing around.’ – pg 4

As you may be able to tell by the quality and the content of this photo, what we have here is another drive-by photo. As well as UTS not being a major location featured in Saving Francesca, we ended up utilitising the drive-by photo technique because, yep, you guessed it, the area around UTS was difficult to navigate with absolutely no parking available. In fact, in our attempt to get a photo, we actually got stuck in a multi-level car park. I know, I know… we have mad navigating skills.  By the time we managed to get back out of the car park and figured out how to stay away from a dead end that we encountered twice, there was no way we could be bothered actually getting out of the car to take the photo so it was lucky the traffic lights went red at an opportune moment and I managed to at least get a photo of the sign for UTS.

– Rachel


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