18. St Mary’s Cathedral College – SF


St Mary’s Cathedral College is mentioned in Saving Francesca, but is not actually a part of the story. It is in the dedication;

‘For Luca and the St Mary’s Cathedral College boys…and for the girls, too…’

Thus our Saving Francesca photo journey begins here.

Like most places we went to, St Mary’s Cathedral College is located in an area that is particularly difficult to park near. We figured the best way to combat this was to go at night, plus Taylor had told us that it was pretty when it was lit up. We visited another location on this night, which left us pretty hyped up for reasons that will not be disclosed yet, so our walk from the mystery stay-tuned-this-will-come-up-later location to St Mary’s Cathedral College was less of a pleasant evening stroll and more of a Rachel-walking-through-a-fountain-adventure; I thought it would be hilarious to dare Rachel to walk through a fountain at 11:30pm on a cool-ish spring night…turns out it was just your average kind of funny.

When we got to St Mary’s Cathedral, we thought it would be cool if we could go inside the grounds and have a bit of a looksie, so we started walking around the building. It got a bit dark and a bit secluded and a bit eerie and, to be honest, I wanted to turn back because I have an over-active imagination and may or may not have believed that we were going to get mugged and/or die that night. But we pressed on and to our surprise…*building anticipation, building anticipation*…we couldn’t get into the grounds. So we took some photos of the building instead.

– Annette


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