Looking For Alibrandi (movie) – The Places We Couldn’t Go

As with the book, there were some places that we couldn’t find despite watching the movie many times, google maps street viewing our hearts out and consulting my aunty and her partner, Martyn (Sydney-ites).  The field where Josie’s cousin, Robert, is playing soccer was un-locatable.  Martyn thought that it may be a school or university field. Similarly, we couldn’t find the bridge where they have muck up day and he thought that, too, might be within school grounds (possibly KRB’s). We googled the cafe where Josie and Michael Andretti have a coffee and found some vague references, but nothing concrete. It’s possible that it doesn’t exist, or has closed down.  We tried to locate the Opporto where Josie works by using our amazing investigative skills as we noticed that there was a Civic video store in the same location (we also watched the deleted scene on the DVD to get a better reference) and we tried cross referencing addresses for Opportos and Civic video stores but we couldn’t find the right one.  We didn’t visit the workplace of Michael Andretti, we later found out this address is online so clearly we didn’t try hard enough on that front. Oops. Probably most disappointing of all, we couldn’t find Jacob’s house.  We did manage to narrow down a street number and by the look of the house, Martyn thought it was possibly in Glebe, but we couldn’t lock down an address. Lastly, there is still a cinema where Josie and Jacob go for their date, however it is no longer a Village cinema and is now an Event cinema.

There may be other locations that we missed and we encourage you to point these out.  Also, if you know where some of the locations we have mentioned are, please let us know!

– Annette


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