16. St. Patrick’s Seminary – LFA (movie)

16. St. Patrick's Seminary - LFA (movie)

Many years ago in a land far, far away, (by which of course I mean about 2 months ago on this same blog you are now reading) we shared a story about a lost train ticket – which you can read read here – with the promise of a follow up story. Here it is;

We didn’t have the best weather when we went to Sydney, but the day we visited St. Patrick’s seminary in Manly (where they filmed the funeral scene) was the hottest day of our trip. As we caught the ferry to Manly, we had to rely on our trusty feet to get us around. St. Patrick’s is up a massive hill. So with the combination of it being hot and us being incredibly unfit, it was an ideal situation for hilarity to ensue.

Before I continue, it is critical that you read the following; As previously noted, we have a fondness for funny YouTube clips; in particular, quoting them. If you haven’t seen our most recent post, please put your reading on pause and go here to watch this clip.

So you’ve seen it? Good. You may continue reading.

So on our walk, we may or may not have been quoting this very loudly and then laughing hysterically. It took us a while to notice, but there was an older gentleman walking a short distance behind us quietly laughing to himself (we like to think he was laughing with us, not at us, but either could have been possible). Despite being 30+ years older, he was clearly much healthier than us because he caught up to us quite easily (which only made us laugh more) and then proceeded to stop us briefly by putting a hand on on each of our arms while saying “I’m just going to stop you there,” walked between the two of us to get in front and then kept going. We never did work out exactly why he wanted to stop us, but we can only assume it was because our endless laughter was making it difficult for him to make the long trek up the hill and he needed to be somewhere in a hurry.

We eventually got to St. Patrick’s seminary and had to wait in the hot sun for about 15 minutes because there was a group of people standing on the stairs and we didn’t want them in our photo. We could have avoided that wait but in the time the steps were clear, Rachel felt that it was absolutely critical that she check us in on Facebook instead, giving said group of people the time to firmly establish their territory on the steps.

After we had finally gotten our photo, it was time to head back. On the hike down the hill, I distinctly remember seeing a train ticket on the ground and thinking “some poor sap has lost their train ticket.” It was also very close to the spot where we had stopped to put on some sunscreen on the way up (there’s nothing healthy about a tan. Plus… I’m pasty and Rachel is a redhead). We then got to the ferry where I discovered that I had lost my train ticket. I am 99 percent sure that the poor sap was me.

– Annette


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