13. East Street – LFA (movie)

13. East street - LFA (movie)

Katia Alibrandi’s place of residence!

Now I have to say, most of the locations from the Looking For Alibrandi movie were all fairly easy to identify, research and locate due to various internet sites. So this photo, Annette and I are immensely proud of ourselves for getting because the only thing we had to go off was a suburb. A link we were using to find locations directed us via street view to 110 Great North Road, Five Dock. After looking, we found that the house wasn’t on this road so we assumed it must be in the area. We decided to watch the movie to see if we could (A) get a house number and (B) recognise any surrounding buildings. In the scene where Josie is stomping down the street to confront Katia at her house, we noticed a building with the sign SUPERMARKET facing onto the street from behind in the background. Of course, we turned to google to see if we could obtain a street address, but unfortunately had no luck. However, we did manage to get a house number: 15. Google maps became our best friend as we then street-viewed house number 15 on all streets, avenues and roads near Great North Road. And to our great surprise, we found it! This was our greatest location investigative achievement and we gave ourselves many a pat on the back and maybe a few comparisons to Veronica Mars were made….

When we visited the house the next day, getting a photo of it turned out to be nearly as difficult as finding it. Incredibly, TomTom directed us there with no problems and we managed to park directly opposite it, which, with our many navigation and parking problems, was a complete miracle. I jumped out of the car in a very excited state, (still on a high from finding the house, which actually used to be Melina’s grandparent’s house) all ready to take a bajillion photos, and a car pulled up directly in front of it. This completely ruined my chances of getting a good photo so I jumped back in the car to wait for this car to leave. But as the woman inside proceeded to alternate between talking on the phone and absolutely bawling her eyes out over her steering wheel, this seemed unlikely. Now, we’re not completely heartless and we thought about going up to see if she was OK, but we figured she probably just wanted to be alone. Luckily, we had bought some lunch before venturing out so we ate while we waited it out. After about half an hour, she drove off, leaving my photo taking opportunities endless once again. BUT THEN, the family that lived there arrived home. Once they had traipsed inside, I only felt comfortable taking a few quick photos, and although we really wanted to, we just didn’t have the guts to knock on the door and ask if we could have a quick look at the backyard and/or get them to film us dancing to Tintarella Di Luna in the driveway

Originally we weren’t going to include the address in this post, but after googling the house tonight, I found 2 links that listed the address directly so we have included the street name in the title and it turns out our hard core investigative skills weren’t really needed, had I done my research a little more thoroughly. But it’s good to know we’ve got it in us.

– Rachel


4 thoughts on “13. East Street – LFA (movie)

  1. thesideofwonder says:

    Thank you! Three months later and we still talk about how proud of ourselves we are for finding it. Haha. Glad you’re enjoying, stay tuned – Saving Francesca is up next!
    – Rachel

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