12. Cardigan Street – LFA (movie)

12. Cardigan Street - LFA (movie)

‘I’m going on an adventure!’ (Sorry, I’ve recently seen The Hobbit) Cardigan Street. Josie’s house. Jacob sticks his head inside and inspects it. It was always going to be exciting to visit. TomTom made it so much more fun though (Oh you. LadderTomTom). It’s a bit difficult to explain, but Cardigan street ends on the top of a hill – ‘It’s up the hill!’ – and there is a fence and a fairly big drop at the end. At the bottom of the drop, there is another street. TomTom recognised only the street and not the drop, so attempted to take us to Cardigan street by driving us directly towards an oncoming wall. At first we thought, ‘Well that’s alright, there are stairs, we will park here and walk up.’ But no, permit parking. It then took me a good 3 minutes to try to turn my car around (I couldn’t drive down one of the connecting streets because it was one-way. Good old Sydney). Eventually we managed to get to Cardigan street from the other end, but alas…no street parking, it was all permit zones. After driving around in circles for a while, I decided a fine was worth it and we parked in some poor saps surrogate driveway (a.k.a the strip of road directly in front of their house because inner suburbs apparently don’t need driveways). THEN, we walked to Cardigan street and commenced taking copious amounts of photos. We took photos of us on the front steps and then we tried to get a photo that included the street sign and front door. This took some effort as we ended up having to run progressively further into the middle of the road to try to get everything in the shot, which probably would’ve been quite funny to witness. Eventually, we realised someone was watching us from their (Josie’s) bedroom window so we had to run.

– Annette


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