7. Zanetti 5 Star Delicatessen – LFA (movie)

7. Zanetti 5 Star Delicatessen - LFA (movie)

Annette with Zanetti Delicatessen!

I was pretty excited to visit Zanetti, although I’m not really sure why.  It is on screen for a very short amount of time and the store itself plays no significant role to the  story line whatsoever. Still, I found myself hanging out to see it.  If I had to give a reason, it’s probably because many of the locations in the movie are pretty well-known (like Bondi and Anzac Bridge) and I have seen them before at one time or another in my visits to Sydney, so Zanetti was new and different and very specific to the Looking For Alibrandi movie.  The shopfront looks slightly different now than what it does in the movie, but it is still very recognisable.

When we went to see Zanetti, we had a bit of a walk around to see if there were any other locations we could recognise (we didn’t stumble upon any) and all I could smell was cannoli.  Random fact, I tried cannoli for the first time in primary school (I was probably about 10) and it was AMAZING.  Since then, I have never found cannoli that I have loved as much.  So when I smelt the cannoli, I made Rachel go on a hunt with me to find it.  We went into several stores but, sadly, no luck.  I was very disappointed.  So on that note, if you have any suggestions for where I can get great cannoli, please let me know!

– Annette


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