Looking For Alibrandi (book) – The Places We Couldn’t Go.

As you would expect with a book that was written over 20 years ago, there were a few places we couldn’t visit and photograph due to them no longer being there (or perhaps they didn’t exist in the first place). The Sebel Town House (where the girls go to catch a glimpse of the celebrity, Trey Hancock) is actually a chain of hotels throughout Sydney. When I had finished my list and was googling locations, I discovered the one that is in LFA is no longer there. Harley’s cafe in Darling Harbour (the local after school hang-out for students of the inner city high schools) I couldn’t even find a mention of. This was a little disappointing, as we would’ve loved to go grab some lunch at Harley’s, but we weren’t too fazed, as we did have enough locations to keep us busy for the week.

– Rachel


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