Annette’s Tattoo

Annette's tattoo

‘There’s nothing to look forward to any more if you don’t have dreams. Because dreams are goals and John might have run out of goals. So he died. But we’re alive and one day I want to own my own garage and you want to be a hot-shot barrister and it’s not going to happen today or tomorrow, it’s going to happen in years and it’s something to look forward to. Promise me you’ll never stop dreaming.’ – pg 239

I got this tattoo a year ago and I love it to pieces.  There are a lot of reasons why I chose this particular quote, starting with the fact that Melina Marchetta wrote it!  Secondly, I like having a tattoo from one of my favourite books, because when people ask me about it, not only does it give me a reason to segue into talk of Looking for Alibrandi, but I think its a good character descriptor. Like, “Hey, I’m Annette and I love books so much that I get quotes from them tattooed on me.”  Thirdly, I like what the quote represents.  I would describe myself as a fairly empathetic person (I cry when watching TV ads, for heaven’s sake) so I find it quite distressing to think about people not having anything to live for.  As a Youth Worker, I am also probably more exposed to this in my day to day life.  So I find this quote inspiring in itself, but when you look at the whole context, it gives it an even deeper meaning.  I know you should get tattoos for yourself, and I certainly did get this as a reminder to myself, but in a way I also got it in the hope that people may be curious and read it or ask me about it and it might help someone.  I do realise that I sound crazy, hoping that a tattoo will have some profound effect on someone else’s life, but you never know!

– Annette


4 thoughts on “Annette’s Tattoo

    • thesideofwonder says:

      If you love her other books you will love Alibrandi too. Let us know what you think when you’ve finished (about the book in general and the meaning behind my tattoo!)

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