The Planning Of A Roadtrip

We thought it necessary to  explain a few things before continuing as we will most likely make reference to certain aspects of our journey, which won’t make sense to readers unless we do.

We mentioned briefly in our introduction that a lot of planning went into this road trip. We both read the four books again and then took two books each and made a list of locations. Annette did Saving Francesca and The Piper’s Son. I did Looking For Alibrandi and On The Jellicoe Road. We both watched Looking For Alibrandi (any excuse to watch Kick Gurry as Jacob Coote over and over again. If there was ever a character in a book-to-movie adaption that was perfectly cast, it was him). We met up numerous times to add to the list of locations and cull any locations we couldn’t visit because they were too far away, didn’t exist or were no longer there or weren’t significant enough. Eventually, we ended up with 40+ locations. The Gorgon In The Gully also deserves a mention as we both read it again, but unfortunately, it didn’t have any locations we could add to the list. Anyhoo, Annette then put it all in Excel spreadsheet like the cute little organiser she is and she was responsible for deciding where we went on what day (although this did change depending on the weather and our rising hatred for driving in Sydney). I was responsible for making the playlist (70+ songs in total). While in Sydney, Annette was the driver and I was the photographer.

– Rachel


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