3. Redfern – LFA (book)

3. Redfern - Where Jacob Coote lives - LFA (book)

‘I’m in the book. Only Coote in Redfern.’ – pg 108

As we have mentioned before, parking in Sydney is a nightmare, so to manage this we developed the ‘drive-by’ photo technique (yes, we invented it and no-one has ever done it before). This photo is a perfect example as Rachel had seen the sign approaching and we happened to get a red light. Unfortunately, we weren’t close enough (neither of us own a Nikon, so no long lens for us). Rachel was shouting “a bit closer, a bit closer” whilst I slowly edged the car as close as I could to the one in front. The light went green and I started to drive, but Rachel hadn’t got the photo yet so she started shouting “slow down, slow down.” So with Rachel yelling and hanging out the car window trying to get a photo, I created a traffic hazard by rolling through a main intersection at 10kms an hour. Totally worth it!

– Annette


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