1. Martin Place – LFA (book)

Martin Place - 'Have A Say Day.' LFA (book)

‘Two days after Mama told me she’d met Michael Andretti, we had the annual ‘Have A Say Day’ at Martin Place.’ – pg 18

In order to give a brief rundown of our trip to Martin Place, I need to launch into a tirade of how much I dislike Sydney roads.  (I apologise if I offend anyone, but really… they’re terrible).

I did the driving in Sydney because we took my car and it was just easier that way.  I don’t particularly enjoy city traffic at the best of times, I especially don’t like it in a state that I don’t know.  I hate it even more when I am used to driving in a city that allows U-turns almost everywhere, you can right turn almost all the time, 1 way streets are limited, my GPS works and there are multi-level car parks everywhere.  For those of you who don’t know, Sydney is pretty much the exact opposite of this.  By the time we went to visit Martin Place (one of our last destinations) I was fed up with trying to parallel park, navigate a city with a GPS that kept spazzing out and not being able to get back to where I needed to after missing a turn.  So when I found a park I could just drive straight into, I went for it.  Unfortunately this meant almost an hour return walk from the car to our destination, but hey, it was a Melina Marchetta roadtrip, so we didn’t mind.  We planned on walking to a few other places, but the parking metre only allowed an hour so we had to go back to the car.  The frustrating part? Not only was there a decent amount of parking practically opposite Martin Place, but we drove right past it going to our next destination.  Apparently my journey planning is almost as bad as Sydney’s town planning!

I will end on a positive note; the ONE good thing about driving in Sydney?  It’s made driving in Melbourne seem so much easier.

*Please note that there will be much ragging on Sydney’s roads throughout this blog.

– Annette


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